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Have you ever been with someone or looked at someone and your heart feels like it is going to explode? You feel immense gratitude towards them and just can't stop smiling? Now can you imagine getting the same feeling towards yourself? That feeling of unconditional love where no matter how you show up, how you feel, how you react that you will love yourself anyway? Your thoughts may automatically be going to the way you look right? I want to just do something for you, I want to reframe this as I really want you to be able to love yourself for who you are.

I want you to look in the mirror and understand that your reflection is not you. Yes that's right. You are not your reflection, you are the one who is looking at your reflection. Mind blow? Stick with me please.

You are the person LOOKING at your skin, your hair, your body, your face, you are NOT these parts. If you show up in the world with a full face of make up, a Halloween mask or wearing the latest designer clothes, or chilling in your PJs, fully tanned, or with lash extensions, or bare faced beauty YOU ARE STILL YOU. Are you following me? You are not the things you wear. Learn to love the person who is looking in the mirror rather than our reflection/the things we see. You who is looking will be with you through life. You who is looking into that mirror will be you no matter if old, young, happy, tanned, wrinkled, sad, bald, thin, pouty, spotty, glowy or whatever. Our bodies are a vessel, our skin is our biggest protector - TREAT IT WITH KINDNESS AND LOVE. It can do pretty awesome stuff.

Look in that mirror and if you can not love the person who is looking please speak out or ask yourself the simple question "WHY?" This is where I started. I did not start with the physical of what I could see nut I started with that person who is looking/ That person inside, who has been there all of my life. She is KIND, she is PATIENT, she is TALENTED, she is STUBBORN, she is so FRICKN POWERFUL, she is PROUDLY UNIQUE, she is PERSISTENT, she is ANNOYING sometimes because of the persistence, she is STRONG, she is CARING.


And I absolutely love her. This, to me, is what self love is. Not the love of the reflection, but the love for the person who is looking at that reflection.

You may find that once you have this you will naturally have self love for every inch of you but more on that in another post.

Sending Love Always



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