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I founded Bowe Organics after developing a keen interest in the amazing power of plant botanicals. I had been working as a hairdresser in London and came across hair tints which were 100% natural, and which completely amazed me! The chemical concoctions we previously used to colour hair were so bad for skin and our hair, as anyone who regularly bleached or coloured their hair in years gone by will know.

Since that discovery, my botanical journey has led me to launch Bowe Organics with a capsule collection of beauty products which I am so, so very proud of. The process of teaching myself about botanicals really opened my eyes to why organic and vegan ingredients are so important in beauty. Of course, we’re all so much more aware of what’s in our food and drink than we ever have been before - 2019 was even dubbed ‘the year of the vegan' - and even the fashion industry is starting to embrace the vegan ideology.

I chose to make all my products organic and natural because, alongside the fact that these ingredients do amazing things for our skin, it means there’s nothing nasty lurking in there. If products are labelled as natural but crucially, they do not mention being organic, it means there’s a risk of pesticides and solvents being used in their production. That means that although you might be buying something that’s free from synthetic ingredients and harsh preservatives, you’re still putting chemicals on your skin!

Every single drop or smudge of a Bowe Organics product is made from natural/organic ingredients, so you know that nothing harmful will have made its way in there. I never use bulking or filling agents to try to make the products go further - everything in there is formulated to support your lips, lashes or brows.

I also registered Bowe Organics with the Vegan Society. This is because as well as formulating my products to be all-natural and organic, I wanted to ensure that they didn’t contain any animal products AND weren’t tested on animals. I can see no reason why in 2020, when we have come far with our scientific understanding, the development of beauty products should mean an animal has to live in a lab cage.

So, in just the same way as you would probably start to feel run down and unhealthy if you eat junk food for days on end, your body will feel the effects of products containing artificial fragrances and chemical bulking agents. Imagine you are feeding and nourishing your skin and hair with organic and vegan products, in the same way as you eat healthy foods! I hope you’ll take a closer look at the Bowe Organics collection and learn more about the gorgeous botanicals I’ve packed into each and every one to help you look and feel your 100% top self.


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