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Well, what a year it has been! I wouldn’t believe anyone who said that they could have seen the events of 2020 coming and it has certainly had a huge impact on all of us. I am so grateful to be able to say that Bowe Organics has continued to thrive despite the fear and uncertainty which has been the constant backdrop this year. I am so thankful to everyone who has supported Bowe Organics in 2020 and hope that you love your products as much as I loved (and love) making them.

Being a small business owner can feel lonely at times and it’s easy for your confidence to take a knock. That’s why I believe it’s so important to recognise and celebrate your wins!

So, what would I pick as my highlights of 2020? Well number one has to be something that actually happened as the year started to draw to a close – the launch of my Versatile Hair Oil!

As a professional hairdresser I’ve cared for so many women’s hair and I know how important it is to their confidence and sense of self. It was an obvious next step that I would launch a Bowe Organics hair product, but I wanted to make sure I got it right first time. That meant I spent years testing different formulations and ingredients until I found something which did everything I hoped. In the few short weeks since its launch the Versatile Hair Oil is proving to be very popular indeed, so all that hard work was definitely worth it.

Have you tried it yet?

Being mentioned by the insanely gorgeous Jodie Kidd on her Woman Wunder podcast was a career highlight too. It turns out she’s a big fan of my Brow Oil! In her words - "...I swear to god in the two weeks I have been using it my brows are bushier". I reckon Jodie will have tried an awful lot of cosmetics and beauty products over the years, so for her to pick one of mine out is AMAZING. That happened in October and I’m not entirely sure if I’ve got over it yet!

I’ve also been lucky to be featured in the press several times this year. The story behind Bowe Organics was featured in a double page spread in Equestrian Life and my Lip Rescue Balm was featured in Beautifully British magazine. How exciting! It’s always fabulous to receive recognition from journalists as well as from our lovely customers.

My beautiful brand won yet another award this year also in the Free From Gift Awards. I was so ridiculously excited and proud! Another one to add to the collection which will hopefully be growing over the years.

Finally, thanks to plenty of work on social media, and all the successes listed above, this Christmas is set to be my most successful to date. Thank you for all of your support and shares and reviews. These help massively. In the meantime, I hope all my customers and supporters have a wonderful break over the holidays and are looking forward to seeing what 2021 brings us.

On another note, I strongly believe we should celebrate all of our little and big wins. Never let anyone dim your light. It is not being self indulgent or big headed about your successes, in fact, it helps others to find their light and shine it also. Lets all help each other out starting from today. No good deed is too small. Holding a door open for someone, smiling at a passer by, picking up litter from someone's garden may make their day! You do not know what is happening in others minds, so be kind and sprinkle a little bit of good where ever you go

All my love



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