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Where has the fun in beauty gone?

What do you think beauty products should do? At Bowe Organics we think they should make us feel good, leaving us happier and more confident - ready to face the world. Self-care comes in many forms with beauty being one of the most popular for women. A little pamper session or just completing a daily skincare routine can help you feel in control and ensure you’re looking after your very best asset in life - your body. We also think they should enhance your natural beauty and individuality.

In recent years there’s been an explosion in the number of amazing small beauty brands and entrepreneurs who have seen a gap in the market or created a product they want to share with the world. The rise and rise of social media has given brands a direct line to their customers and made it possible for even the littlest companies to get their products out there.

We’re also in an age where the harmful impact of chemicals on both us and the environment around us is becoming far more widely known. Consumers are clued up on the ingredients they like, the ones they don’t like and it’s very easy to Google scary-sound chemicals to see what they do. In short, we’re in an enlightened, free and exciting age for the beauty industry.

But why, then, does it feel like some of the fun of beauty has gone away? Instead of beauty being a way to lift up and inspire the people around us, it feels like something that has become somewhat toxic - and we’re not just talking about poor quality products! Social media, which is such an amazing tool for brands to reach customers, also allows people to rage at and abuse people who don’t think the same way they do. People put others down or criticise when they could support. It’s now proven that there are algorithms on some social networks that promote and prefer images of a ‘perfect’ face or of women in bikinis.

That’s so incredibly damaging to the idea that we are all beautiful and that beauty products are there to enhance our natural assets. Extreme contouring and lengthy makeup tutorials which leave women looking eerily similar to each other are the total antithesis of natural beauty. Of course, we truly believe everyone should have the freedom to look how they like, but if young women are covering up their natural features and looks to chase a ‘perfect’ look, that feels like we have a deep rooted problem.

Bowe Organics founder, Diane Bowe, is a great champion for the natural look and for taking your own path. All our products are designed by Diane to support and promote your skin and hair, not cover you up or change what you have. We’re proud to be using only natural ingredients and we know where every last drop comes from. We’re also on a mission to carry the message that natural beauty is desirable, and beauty is still fun and accessible. What do you think?

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